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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Something of Substance

I have started a blog post several times now. Unfortunately and yet again I have no idea what to post about. This is not for lack of having things to say, but I feel that they are so deep and some so deeply personal that I cannot put them into words without my speech running over.

Others are so repetitive that I dare not speak again about how they are (or are not) going. And still some would just be rants and raves about things that are too mommy-specific or even too juvenile and trivial.

This is my life these days.

But one day, I will post something of substance again...something that I feel truly signifies me...something speaks to the person I am. I just need to figure that out in this new life, this new body, that are ever changing due to the so many things that have happened to me over the past 1.5 years. One day I will feel that I have a grasp on who I am again and write that post that takes me right to where I should be and not to where I am. After all, they can't be one in the same. And posting anything in that shady, gray area would be of little value to anyone.

In the meantime I am just going to keep living and and banking on the fact that kids don't go to college not sleeping through the night, that there are many GREAT working mothers, that many a couple have ended up on the correct side of their relationship, that starting something new wasn't impossible before, and that baby bellies get lost all of the time. Yes. These will be the things that keep me centered as I return to the surface of my life of substance.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

One. Step. At. A. Time.

I survived my first week back to work, and Zavi his first week with my friend watching him. We are on our way , though I still need to figure out how to get my exercise time in. One. Step. At. A. Time.

Kohl's: Discount Codes

Posted this on my Couponing/Deals website, but thought I'd inform here too... ;-)

I am going into my month without spending, so I had to hurry to get these. ;-) Here are some codes to use for great deals at Kohl's this week. Be sure to pair with your Kohl's Cash for this round which expires 9/1/14.

  • AUGPYD15
    Pick your day between 8/18 & 9/9 for 15% off in store or online
  • SHOP20
    Save 20% in store or online
    Take $10 off when you spend $25 or more in store or online
    Free shipping on orders over $50

I just saved $43 on some Dickies steel toe work boots for dad for Christmas and a thermal onesie for my son between discounts Kohl's Cash and free shipping. I wish you the same success and more. :-D

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The "Deal Doll" strikes again!

Posted this on my Couponing/Deals website, but thought I'd inform here too... ;-)

Here's what I got at Walgreen's for today $61.02. I'm considering this a steal due to the price of formula alone!

Before I even went to shop I knew that I would be purchasing formula there, so I purchased a gift card for an estimate of what I thought might cover the cost. This saved me $6.84 from the start.

These were my purchases:
  • (3) 27.8 oz. Gerber Good Start Formula Tubs
  • (1- 8 carton) Laughing Cow Cheese
  • (1) 11.5 Vitamin Water Energy Drink
  • (3) Caramel Candies 

And these were my coupons/discounts:
  • $7.00 in manufacturers coupons
  • $11.00 in Walgreen's coupons
  • 5,000 Walgreen's points (= $5.00)
Not too shabby if I must say so myself! :-D This deal doll is getting it, and getting it GOOD!

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Month without Spending

I came across this article on Pinterest about planning a "no-spending month." The idea sounded really good to me coming off of a 6 month "hiatus" from work, 4 of those being without a solid paycheck. Besides, I really need to curb my spending since my habits just aren't that great. This might be the best way to help me cut back.

The issue has become (or continues to be) that I buy things simply because they are on sale. But that doesn't make them a bargain. Rarely does that happen, like with my $12 diapering purchase. Deals such as that- and only such- would be cause to break my streak. Otherwise I will only be buying things that I need (such as groceries and gas for driving. We are pretty much set on all else. I do need a bike helmet too...) The point is that my frivolous spending will need to go out the window.

I will be keeping a written record book of every penny that I spend this [September]. It will just buy a cheap composition book to leave in the and write each time I buy. That should help too.

I'm skeptical, I must admit, but I also have faith in myself. So here's to a month without spending! Wish me luck, and if you have any advice, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.


This unrest in Ferguson, MO over the shooting of an unarmed black teen by a white police officer undoubtedly has me uneasy as well. I have a Black/Puerto Rican son growing up in America. It is troubling after the many incidents that we have seen over the years which seem to be directed at young, Black males by authority figures, and even at our own president.

But I am optimistic.

Don't get me wrong- I am a realist. I realize that race is, and will always will be, an issue in this country. But my son is fortunate. He has parents who will help him navigate the system, and a godfather who is a white male police officer...in an urban neighborhood...where I grew up. His stories of how he relates to black males on a daily basis makes me proud  and happy that he so willing agreed to help us raise our son. People like him are who we need in our law enforcement system.

So I am optimistic.

I know that officers are getting a bad rap these days. And understandably so with all the negative going on out there. Yet, there are still the good men who are working to keep us safe. Something to remember amongst the wariness of their presence. Hmm. I'm glad I have one of the best on my side. ;-)

It's all good!

I have been experiencing little victories recently...

1. My growth vitamins and new hair regimen are working! I have noticed less shedding, and fullness all over my head. My front are even coming back in-be it slowly- but they are coming back!

2. I am losing weight! My change in food habits along with working out have been paying off. I really want to keep up the routine, so even on days like tonight when I don't make it out of the house, I'm visiting my cable fitness channels to get some working out in.

3. I'm happy with my new wardrobe! These past few weeks have presented the first time that I haven't felt "fat" when trying on clothes. Don't know if it's the size tag, or the change in health/fitness philosophy...or maybe the sale price tags... ;-)

4. Though my son Zavier was sleeping less last week, and he now he has a cold- right before I go back to work- he is doing better this week With a change in weather and in nighttime onesies, he is only waking up once, and doesn't need a bottle until about 4-5 am! Even after that, he is still sleeping for a few more hours before needing to stretch his legs for the day. I'm so proud of my Little Him!

5. The Real talk show is starting back up next month. And even though I have to go back to work, (finally getting a paycheck again! Woo hoo!) I will be able to DVR the show daily. That will be a nice way to wind down before bed or on the weekends...

Looking at the simple things in life makes me realize that no matter how bad it may seem, it's still all good. :-D