Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Saying "No"

I'm going to put that "work smarter, not harder" thing into practice. Recently a former employer contacted me for a teaching position this summer. For a moment, I actually considered it- the job was just fine in the past and the extra money wouldn't hurt either. However, the hassle of getting my son child care and simply not spending time with him this summer won me over. I said "No," and and though it was hard for this worker, it feels great to know that I have my priorities in order. :-) Money and work will come around again, but this time I will never get back. Time to cherish it!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Continuing to make it happen

I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Something he said to a caller struck me: "If something keeps entering your spirit, there is a reason." To paraphrase, this means that there is something we should be doing about it, but we often try to rationalize ourselves out of it. The minute that we act on it, the vision becomes more clear.

I couldn't agree more. And there are several things that keep crossing my mind. I just keep getting tripped up on where to begin.

So...I just took some time to write them all down. I am then going to write down exactly what I need to do each of them. This will help me prioritize and know how to begin.

Here's to continuing to make it happen. :-)

"More-All" Support

Today I stopped and really thanked God because I saw just how fortunate I really am. Upon making the decision to leave my last relationship, I was really concerned about being a single mother. I thought that I'd me just one more statistic and that I would have a hard time making it without shame. I couldn't have been more wrong. I have gotten nothing but unconditional love and support from my and his family as I go through this transition, even more than I may have if we would have stayed together and so isolated from the support system.

Last night was further proof of this as I sat on the couch ready to go out with a friend. I had already put the baby to bed and both my aunt who is visiting and my brother had volunteered to keep an ear out for him while I was out grabbing a drink. I was furthermore excited as I was going out with a friend that I hadn't had the chance to in quite sometime- and no one was more deserving. She has three very young children and has had it rough over the past few months. She was finally getting out and hanging out, thanks to the generosity of her family.

Unfortunately, though, she didn't make it. She had to go back and tend to her youngest who wouldn't sleep, according to her sister that was keeping. It seemed so minor to me- my family would have tended to Zavier without a problem and I probably would have never even know that there was an issue. Yet, my friend was at home being mom again and I was off to bed.

And thus I was left to think of how blessed I am. I have more- no all- of the support I both need AND want. I don't take it for granted. And because of it I will love even harder.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Final Birthday Plans!

It's official- My 32nd birthday will be spent here locally with my girlfriends and family. After work next Friday, 10 or so of us will be getting sushi then partaking in a 2 hour paint and sip class. I think it sounds divine and I am looking forward to another great year!

In the meantime, I'm going to call my hair dresser to see if I can get a blue/black rinse in. I think I need to try a little something new as I go into 32...

Hehe. ;-)

Groupon: Personalized Children's Books

Right now there is a $12 Groupon (+ shipping) for a Put Me in the Story children's book- just in time for my son's first birthday! There were 5 book options, so I chose Hooray for You, a book about our unique human qualities, that I thought could grow with him. It is personalized with his name, and a picture and message if you so desire. Absolutely adorable! As a mom who's an educator, I can't resist buying a book, especially one that is geared just toward my Little Him. And the Groupon Bucks and Top Cashback discount didn't hurt either. Just saying... ;-)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Great Ratings!

I got out there...on the internet. I was determined to find...a job that would afford me the luxury of working from home easily and on my own time. My hard work paid off because I found it! I will be grading Spanish exams for an online school. I can do this in my spare time and without limit or recourse to how many/few I do. It is an hourly job, and though it doesn't pay much, it is merely "extra money" at this point. Plus, I never have to leave my home to work on this. It's just what I needed to give me a little extra boost all around.

I was just telling a friend about how I was contemplating making a move to teach high school. I was thinking of adding some responsibilities to my new position (i.e. class advisor, Spanish Honor Society overseer, etc.) when I arrived. But after a 2 hour commute home in the poor driving conditions yesterday, I realized I needed to work smarter over harder. It's much smarter to find ways to make my money come in without me having to do much to obtain it.

It's difficult, though, for me as a "mover." "It's like being a hamster on a wheel, and thinking that's the way to do things. You don't realize how dizzy you are until you get off," my friend said. She's right. All my life I have been going out there, adding more to my plate. But I don't have to anymore, nor is it the best idea with a small child on my hands. 

It's time to finish up my classes for a salary increase, to start teaching online, for hosting students, and doing the most with the least amount of effort at work. It's time to save to buy properties, flip them and pass them along to HUD. It's time to ask for help, and find the time to begin my own business ventures. It's time to be a mom that has time to be a good one, one who also recharges by doing what she needs to for herself.

Yep. I am going to be a Spanish exam rater, on the side. And for all of this self-realization I give myself great ratings! :-D

The Quest for the Best Coffee

My son’s father bought a Keurig coffee machine Christmas. I was originally skeptical thinking that all it meant was one more gadget for the house that it wouldn’t produce decent coffee. I must admit that I thought that the coffee would be weak due to the nature of how the machine worked and (what I thought would be) “limited” choices of coffee. That quickly changed upon brewing my first cup while over with my son shortly after. Not only was it tasty and EXTREMELY efficient, I realized that there were SEVERAL choices of coffee flavors from many well known manufacturers. I was hooked, and wanted to begin using it at work too.

Thus began the quest for inexpensive Keurig cup options…

I started by buying a box of 48 cups from Bed, Bath and Beyond, just to get started using it. I was told that paying $.50 per cup was decent, and finding something for less was a steal. With my 20% off coupon, I managed to do fine, but wanted to see how “low I could go” while still getting brands that would be  robust and flavorful.

This is where Amazon comes in.

There, I came across San Francisco Bay’s 120 count variety pack for $43.32. That’s  just over $.36 per cup...not too shabby. I will probably have to buy a box in store just to make sure that I like them before purchasing a large box from Amazon, so we shall see.

The Keurig, in the long run, is also helping me keep some extra change in my pocket as well as be a little more healthy with my drinking. I’ve actually started making a cup of black tea in the morning for the drive to work, and having a cup of coffee- and only one cup- for the remainder of the day sometime in the morning upon arriving at work. Black tea is good for belly fat, antioxidants and to give metabolism a boost. So it is better that I start off the day that way. The Keurig also puts me in the mindset that one cup is enough whereas making a pot encourages seconds.

So, overall I am now a Keurig believer. That’s a lot coming from a coffee drinker like me. And though I may not completely ditch my pot, it