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Monday, December 15, 2014


I'm finding that this is a great time of year to sell my old gift cards. I've been doing so through Top Cashback/Raise.com. Since I received these cards free of charge and will not use them, I am selling them online for a discounted rate. Last night I posted a $25 Nike gift card and this morning it was gone! What an easy way to make $20. I just posted another for Banana Republic...Let's see how I do! ;-)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Wrapping Up for the Holidays

The Christmas spirit has definitely hit me, and when I say that I am referring to all of the money that I have spent on gifts! I am usually pretty frugal, but this year I just couldn't help myself; Though I finalized my list some time ago and made those purchases, I still found myself`buying things here-and-there as I visited stores over the past few weeks. In fact, I even passed along a gift that I wasn't going to use to my brother for another person.

Now I have the entire box of gifts sitting in the front room just waiting to be wrapped. I purchased the necessary supplies for that purchase earlier today. I am going to begin the process tomorrow now that my son is with his grandparents and out of the way for all of the scissors and paper grabbing that he would "enjoy" otherwise. I have comb through the box on several occasions, attempting to put together some sort of organizational process for sorting and wrapping in my brain, without success. Instead I continue to pull out and re pile the mass of things hoping that something will suddenly just wrap itself. It doesn't.

But that's okay! I hope that the next time I write I will also be able to post a picture of my lovely, papered treasures and trinkets. Post-Christmas I will also put up a list of what each family member received this year (...and maybe the costs... :-) Until then, happy shopping, happier wrapping and the happiest of holidays to you and yours! 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Start Up!

My co-worker and I are toying with the idea of starting a language tutoring business in our area. Even with my limited time these days I think it’s a great idea! We’d make our own hours and decide which clients we’d want to take on, meeting in a central location (i.e. library, cafe, etc.) Plus, as a tutor I make $50 or more per hour!

It’s an easy business to start up. All we need is a website. In fact, I just purchased the domain! The rest is marketing (word of mouth, business cards, referrals, etc.)

Let's get this ball rolling, and this language learning! :-P

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Decision #3: To Continue to Be the Change

I must be honest that my heart was again heavy over hearing the verdict for the future trial of Michael Brown’s murderer. Yet again, “justice” seems unjust in the wake of this incident against

But God truly has a way of doing things. I have been showing my students a movie called “Friendship’s Field” this week. In the movie, the main characters, a young boy and girl from different cultures, become best friends despite their differences. Others aren’t happy with the new bond, and attempt to “eradicate” the situation. However, humanity and love prevail as these different people begin to support each other and help.

The mother who recounts the story reminds us that it is important not to lump people into groups. As Steve Harvey mentioned on his talk show this morning, there are just as many people of other races upset about the verdict of this trial as there are Blacks. I am especially concerned having a son who is both Black and Puerto Rican. But, it was uplifting to see my students empathize and understand the pain of both this Mexican and American family in this movie and have their hearts be touched for humanity in general. It makes me think that my son’s future friends will be able to identify and support him in societal trials. I will teach him to do the same as well.

I will continue to live without prejudice and in love. I will continue to teach my students to have an appreciation of others from other locations and countries. I will continue to be a mom that supports diversity and tolerance. I will continue to be the change that I wish to see in this world. I hope that we all decide to do the same.

Decision #2: Not to Buy Another Home

In 2007 I purchased my first home at the tender age of 24. I had tons of hopes and dreams for life as in a place that was mine and mine alone…

Then the housing bubble burst.

With a 6.5% mortgage, a decent mortgage payment,  regular repairs and maintenance, and no money down equalling no equity, I knew that I was going to be paying a hefty price as time progressed. The house was consuming me.

I do not believe in being “house poor” though, so I found a way to make the house work for me. I went through a loan re-modification which lowered my interest rate to 2% and my monthly payment $500. However, that was at the cost of 12 years tacked onto my loan.

When I moved from the home not too long ago I began renting it out to friends of family, making a minimal profit. After all, my home was in no condition to try to get tip-top dollar from a rental and I needed to make a quick decision. Though making a profit, it is no where near as much as it could be if the home were in stellar shape. Yet putting in that kind of money would only bring my up-front, out-of-pocket costs to a maximum, something that I am not in a place financially to do, nor that I feel is the right move. I will continue to hold onto the home, make repairs as needed and deal with the emotional and physical inconvenience until my friends are ready to depart. I am looking at it this way: The rent that they are paying is helping me pay down the mortgage, thus adding equity to the property. Plus I do not have to worry about carrying costs at this time, which I would have to do if it were on the market.

But just the mere headache of dealing with all of it makes me think that I will not go this route again. I’d much rather pay to have someone else manage all of this and not have to worry about all the “costs” (physical, mental and fiscal) that go along with owning a home. I’d much rather know that Mr. Custodian will be over to help me with an issue without an extra cost than me have to come out of pocket with both time and money to get a job done.

I think at this point in life I’d rather be pouring my money into saving for a business. The housing market isn’t as promising as it used to be...but it could be. I’d just like to save in order to keep my options open to the best of my ability.

Decision #1: Taking Courses to Increase Income

So after months of deliberation, I have finally made a decision.  with a small child and less time to work outside of my home, I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to increase my income. My options are limited, but my job does offer a $1700 pay increase for every 15 credits of educational coursework taken. Thus, I enrolled in some very inexpensive courses through the University of La Verne, recommended by some colleagues who had taken the courses in the past. For $330 per course, I receive the textbooks and all other supplemental materials to complete the work online. In less than 1 year I will recoup the costs and  be able to increase my salary quickly and while learning useful information to apply to my teaching.

The idea of a doctoral degree has not gone out the window. However, I need to gain a little bit more now while my time and funds to dedicate to studying are minimal. Now, on to look into tutoring opportunities...anyone need some Spanish help???... ;-)

A Time for Decisions

I have decided to do some “Decisions” posts that reflect some of the choices I have self-confirmed and self-affirmed this past week. The posts will be up over this Thanksgiving holiday. I wish each and every reader a blessed time during this season! :-)