Saturday, April 12, 2014


I managed to make it to the eye doctor yesterday for my 2 year checkup. Apparently I have a bit of a stigmatism and could use glasses for night time and rain driving. I am now looking into getting some frames for the first time in life, starting online.

I'm not really sure how this works, but there are websites that sell inexpensive glasses that can be returned if not desirable to the purchaser. I really don't want to spend a ton considering that I will only be using them on limited occasions. So far I'm looking at and thinking of going to America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses. I'm not even sure if I will get them since I don't really need them and have even more limited funds (since I had to pay a HEFTY amount of funds to the IRS this year. Smh.) But we will see.

Yet another task for this phase of life.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Back to Education

Our school district and school board recently agreed on a new contract. Finally, after years of waiting, we have something that we can work with! I am super excited, as you can probably imagine. We have not had a cost of living increase in 3 years which will be one of the benefits forthcoming. Plus, we will still be able to receive some reimbursement for tuition credits, which now puts me back in the mode for deciding about a doctoral degree.

The new contract outlines that full time staff will be reimbursed for 40% of their higher education degree (up to 12 credits annually, first come, first serve basis), provided the degree aligns with their current teaching field and that costs are the same as state tuition rates. Plus, there will also be an increase in salary for ever 15 credits completed. Therefore, I am once again considering if a doctoral degree is right for me AND the best way to go about getting one.

Some of my academic field ideas have included Technology, Foreign Language Education, Linguistics, ESL and counseling. I'd also like to complete these courses online with working full time and being a full time mom now. I suppose I will have to look into it to see if it will be a lucrative option in the end, especially with an infant/toddler at home as I go through the process. Off to research some programs...right after I give this little guy a bottle. ;-)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby Deals

Look at what I got today for $45.89:

  • (2) 22.2 oz. containers of Enfamil formula
  • (4) 35 packs of Pampers diapers
  • (2) 8 fl. oz. bottles of Dawn dish detergent
  • (1) 25 count travel can of baby wipes

Here's how I did it:

I started by purchasing a $30.25 gift card for $27.72 via through Ebates. This awarded an extra 1.0 % cash back from ($.28) as well. I used that toward the purchases

Coupon usage:

(4) -$1.50 Pampers coupons (
(1) -$.50 Dawn coupon (
(2) $5 Enfamil coupons (received by mail)
$17.50 in Extrabucks coupons from various sales above

$34.00 in coupons
+  2.81 in online gift card purchase savings
$36.81 in savings

And voila! There you have what I could have paid in just diapers or formula for a fraction of the price!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Summer Vacation Plans

Back in August, my brother and I journeyed to Virginia for a time share resort presentation. We did not end up purchasing any property, but did win 2 free vacation stays at various locations throughout the US. We opted for Williamsburg, VA and Orlando, FL, though with a newborn, I will probably only be able to take one trip, and my brother may not be able to go at all. :-( My older brother, though, lives with his family- girlfriend and 2 little girls- in the Tampa area which is only a 1.5 hour drive from Orlando. Thus, baby boy, my mom and I might just venture down to Orlando to meet up with them and visit some of the attractions over our 4 day, 3 night stay.

Now I am looking for cheap Disney Park tickets and inexpensive fun in the Orlando area. We are 2 families working on a budget here! We will probably only visit one Disney theme park, that being Magic Kingdom. It seems that Florida residents can score cheaper park tickets than those buying from afar. So they can get them at a discount. My mom and I may have to purchase from Undercover Tourist which is a legitimate online discount broker to get ours for less.

Now, for other family-related activities on the cheap...a friend of mine used to live in the Orlando area and suggested the following:
And I came across the following on my own as well:
As far as airfare...I will have to see if my boyfriend has any Southwest Airlines credits available. (He flies frequently to Vegas and tends to rack them up that way.) If not, we can probably purchase them via a discount airfare site after doing some shopping around and comparing.

Too Leave on the Shelf!

I have to show you what I got for $10 yesterday! I went to Ollie's Bargain Warehouse to return some curtains that did not fit the intended window. Of course I did so after the 30 day return window, so they had to issue a store credit to me. I ended up shopping the baby section as and finding this 8 piece set for my son's nursery:

I had to triple check the price, seeing that it was only marked as $9.99! It seemed too good to be true, especially since there were other smaller sets marked for more. So this price was more than right! I headed to the checkout using my store credit certificate and was on my way. Now, my precious boy has another animal comforter set to keep him cozy as he grows in the coming months.

Now THAT is what I call a bargain and a lucky break!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Thanks yet again to Mama Cheaps, I have come across yet another website to help lil' ol' "frugal" me save money. PINCHme, provides free samples for ordering and reviewing their products. You can also complete online activities to receive points towards other rewards.

I just started, so I will have to see if it is lucrative enough to continue with. Follow up is forthcoming.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yet another blog for me!

I never really thought I'd be one of those moms- you know, the ones who dote over their children and worry about every little thing. Much of that may have to do with the fact that I didn't really expect to even be a mom, per say, but here I am. In any event, I do not want this blog to become that journey. Yet, I have found myself looking for mom blogs. Today I came across this one- Just Some Mom Stuff- as I was looking for ideas on saving money on formula. The author's journey made me feel more normal and validated in my struggles so far. Thus, I do feel it important to discuss some of my mommy "issues" so other moms can know that they are not alone.

My aunt suggested via e-mail that I start a blog about motherhood, and even let different companies advertise there in order to make it work for me. I think I'm going to do it! So if you'd like to follow me there, or know a mom who would, come on over or refer your peeps to my new page- Mom to Be: Me.